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Since some time we could hear infos of people who had accounts suspended or verification needing on Bittrex.
I have ALWAYS backed up this exchange, it was always awesome nor i had ever any issue with it.

Today they have put official info on the problems some people have, and it seems its just small number of people that had it.

Bittrex is my favorite place to trade and worth noting.

Bittrex Volumes

XLM had lately decent news and volume raised like crazy, NEO always rocked on Bittrex. Pretty much no surprises. Stuff i wouldnt touch/buy is AdToken, SALT and MCO. Rest looks fine!

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Top Coins

This is not paid or anything this are just most interesting coins for today on Bittrex. They have such banner everyday rolling for people to notice whats hot.

If you follow my posts you know i have NEO, EXCL and XLM in high numbers as i believe they will raise. NXM i have always skipped because it has same name as one drug and ive expected they will get to copyright issues. Whats interesting is that both EXCL and NXM trade on decentralized Bitshares DEX – OpenLedger. Register there, its free and its the future how exchanges will work. STEEM there too of course.

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Top Raisers

I have almost everything here just Expanse i woudlnt touch.

Top Losers

Here are possible coins that can earn but most of them i wouldn’t buy EVER ie RBY BITB CRB BLITZ CPC HMQ
Coins that i think may go back are FUN MONA XCP SAFEX. Rest up to you 🙂

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