A reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Paul Vigna reported earlier this week that there had been a delay in the launch of Tezos as a result of the internal struggle of power and control between its founders.
The husband and wife founders of Tezos, Kathleen and Arthur Breitnum alongside Johan Gevers, was believed to have recently written a letter to the board of Tezos Foundation, asking for Gevers to be removed from the project through their attorney. In his report, Vigna recorded:
“A lawyer representing the Breitman on Sunday sent a nine-page letter to the foundation’s board, demanding that its founder and president, Johann Gevers be removed, or they would withdraw their support from the project. He has alleged the Breitman’ involvement in his work ‘was incompatible with the needed independence of the foundation,’ according to a separate letter from a Breitman lawyer, which referenced a September 21 meeting at which Mr. Gevers made a claim.”
Meanwhile, according to an interview with Reuters, Gevers rigidly rebuked the acts of the Breitman’s, regarding their plan to exclude him from the Tezos project as an illegal coup. In his statement, Gevers said:
“As Arthur has done unto others before me, this is attempted character assassination. It is a laundry list of misleading statements and outright lies.” He continued by stating that: “Arthur and Kathleen are attempting an illegal coup. Attempt to control the Foundation’s legal structure and to interfere with management and operations.”
In light of this, two US Law firms, Block & Leviton and Restis have opened investigations into the case.
In conclusion, Gevers has, therefore, officially appealed to the Swiss Federal Inspectors to request that the supervisor should intervene, if there is a need for such, to protect the rights and interests of the participants of the Tezos Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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