5 Trends in Cryptocurrency Which Entrepreneurs Need To Know2 min read


The online transaction world has advanced greatly in the past decade or two. Goods and services can now be acquired with the mere push of a button and from the comfort of the consumer’s home. This process seems a hitch-free one but still involves going through the banking sector.

. Taking that into consideration, here are 5 points to note for entrepreneurs:


  • Be On The Lookout for new variations


Bitcoin may be the most popular form of cryptocurrency but in the last few years new counterparts are emerging. One of such is the Academy Coin. This type of cryptocurrency is used mainly for transactions between schools and students/parents when it comes to matters of tuition payments. Such a variant should be keyed into since it is relatively newer than bitcoin and has immense growth potential.

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  • Governments and Agencies are putting Cryptocurrency under surveillance


Since cryptocurrencies are operating outside government legislations, there is a fear that the concept may be used for nefarious online transactions. This is to say that entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity while the cryptocurrencies are not government regulated but at the same time be wary of online criminals.



  • Importance of the Blockchain will Be Fully Emphasised


The major function of this Blockchain is to make the above mentioned cryptocurrencies accessible to the populace. This will help an entrepreneur to maximize profits by taking away the middle man in any transcation.


  • Data Collation May Be Hindered By Cryptocurrencies


Data gathering on your potential customers is important but when using cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain may hinder this process. It is therefore advisable for entrepreneurs to pay customers directly to get their preferences rather than going through a data collation engine.

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  • Cryptocurencies discard the displeasures of Rudimentary Transactions


There are quite a number of drawbacks that come with making use of traditional financial institutions. Cryptocurrencies will surely eliminate all the bank charges you may normally have to pay and will also eliminate the drawn out process of international transfers.



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