Armed Robbers Attempt to steal from Bitcoin ATM in England Failed1 min read


When it comes to news about some sort of online theft, one can easily expect Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to be involved especially due to the anonymity that digital currencies offer their users. However, unlike most other thefts in which the actual Bitcoin is stolen, a unique armed robbery happened in a shop in Northampton, England, when masked robbers attempted to rob the Bitcoin ATM that was installed in the store.

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According to the security footage, Three men were able to gain access to the building where the ATM is located and tried to invade the machine.

However, after gaining access to the business premises, a loud alarm that went off as the thieves tried to invade the machine to steal cash stored in it. That public uproar drew the attention of the public, forcing the thieves to panic and exit the scene with their already waiting car.

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The ATM operator, Shitcoins Club’s CEO, Adam Gramowski clarified that the thieves were not able to steal any cash from the machine. He’s pretty certain that they were after the cash than the crypto as they were seen to drag it behind the car.

Hypothetically speaking, even though they were after the crypto, he confirmed confidently that they would not succeed as he said, “There are no BTC [Bitcoin] in the machine, they are being sent directly from our server.”

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Local police officer confirmed the incident and said that the investigation to the attack is currently ongoing, as reported by Stmarket.


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