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As the name implies, a wallet is where you keep your cyrptocurrency and where you access them for transactions. Wallets are an absolute essential for the cryptocurrency owner. As it is only through them he or she can make any transactions, receiving or sending. They are more than a store; they are your own private bank, which only you can access the vaults to. You can not only make but request payments from other cryptocurrency owners through your wallet address.

A wallet is especially critical as the experience of Mt Gox has taught many never to keep their cryptocurrencies permanently resident at the exchanges they bought them. Below we list some of the best cryptocurrency wallets you can use to keep your crypto investments safe and within your reach

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This is one of the most prominent software wallets you can find.  It is available for both desktop and mobile users and is one of the most ideal cold storage wallets available with amazing flexible features. It is a very secure wallet that allows users to have an offline store of their private keys it can also be integrated with some of the hardware wallets on the market. One of Electrum’s best features is that it doesn’t use a centralized server therefore you almost never get any down-times using it.



This is the first hardware wallet that comes with a screen providing you with an extra layer of security and comfort. It supports many alt coins apart from Bitcoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Dash and Ethereum. Making it one of the most versatile hardware wallets you can buy. It costs around a hundred dollars.

Ledger Blue

This is one of the high end cryptocurrency wallets; popularly known as the Rolls Royce of cryptocurrency wallets. It comes with a compact and lightweight package, with a touch screen and rechargeable battery, making it ideal for portability. It has some of the most advanced security features of any wallet both hardware and software, and is definitely worth its over $250 price tag for those looking to splash out on the best thing around.

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