Bitcoin Predicted to Rise to $10,000, Next Year By Saxo Bank1 min read

Bitcoin, according to the bank can rise to $10,00 on the year 2018. This is in the effect of Donald Trump’s presidency spending binge. This is the fearless prediction of Saxo Bank. The bank also added that the possible skyrocketing condition of US dollar is ideal for Bitcoin price to test to $10,000 since it will oblige emerging markets to find an alternative.
Trump spending habit may raise the $20 trillion debt of US in national bank. It could possible triple the present deficit in US budget from about $600 Billion to $1.2-1.8 trillion or 6% to 10% of the US’s present 18.6 trillion dollars economy. It could cause inflation to rise abruptly. People will be forced to seek another form of currencies and a payment system that is not tied to the central bank like Bitcoin.
The superiority of President Trump will be tested on January, on the time, which Kim Dotcom is hoping to launch Megaupload 2.0
Saxo’s and Dotcom’s prediction are similar that Megaupload and its Bitcache system Bitcoin wallet can make the Bitcoin price to $10,000. It is according to their claim that this product would conquer scaling problems of Bitcoin.
The anti-surveillance, video hosting, cloud sharing anonymously, Bitcoin-caching service online, that will serve as equal to the Philippines population (approx. 103 million), is scheduled to launch later in January.
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