In the early hours of Tuesday, October 24, the price of Bitcoin ebbed below the rate of $5,800, which is the first time of an occurrence since, October 19, because of the decline in the support for the anticipated coin hard fork by the market.
In the meantime, it was previously suggested by CNN that Ether- the digital currency of Ethereum, has received a boost above the benchmark of $300. Meanwhile, the price of Ether has experienced an increase following the definite anticipation in the new hard fork of Byzantium and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).
“In the mid-term, the success of the Byzantium hard fork and rapid adoption of the Ethereum network will allow Ether to rebound and recover in value.”
Spencer Bogart and Tuur Demeesteramong other outspoken and popular analyzers and investors of BTC have openly declared the looming hard fork of the Bitcoin Gold has made it impossible for the price of the coin to surge above the rate of $6,000 benchmark, which has caused many investors and traders to swerve their funds from various other alternative digital currencies (altcoins) and digital assets.
The head of research at Bitcoin Capital, Spencer Boger tweeted using an image attachment of the chart: “I see you traders: On the chart, the coins in the green are the ones that people rotated into when they moved out of BTC following Gold fork.”
The holders of Bitcoin before the looming Bitcoin Gold hard fork that may actualize in November will receive a BCG credit in the ratio 1:1 by most of the popular wallets and exchanges including Bittrex and Trezor. But Bitcoin Gold needs to effect a working anti-replay protection to make sure that every investor with the coins gets their Bitcoin Gold payment in a safe state, as an absence of a replay protection might signify an endangerment of existing coins.

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