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Bitcoin Price Break $10k for the First Since May 20181 min read


During the 2017 crypto bull run, Bitcoin price spent very little time above $10,000 once it got there. Around Thanksgiving, Bitcoin broke above $10,000 and by Christmas it had already hit its all-time high of $20,000 and began the start of its correction that led to a long bear market.

At press time, the top cryptocurrency by market capitalization is trading at $$10,080.49 – the highest level since March 8, 2018 – representing month-to-date gains in excess of 13 percent

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The past week or two have been absolutely stellar for the cryptocurrency market. Ever since retracing to $7,450, Bitcoin has been on an absolute tear, ripping past key resistances like they were nothing more than soggy pieces of parchment paper.

Just now, we saw Bitcoin surmount $10,000, seen as many as one of the most important psychological, sentimental, and technical levels in cryptocurrency. Right now, the proverbial seems to be in the court of bulls, as BTC looks poised to break past $10,780 on some exchanges.

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                                                         Bitcoin Surges Past $10,000

Also this week, the bitcoin hash rate — the total computing power of the bitcoin network — hit new all-time highs. Bitcoin breaking a multi-year high, the growth in hash rate can be taken as a measure of how much interest there is in mining the coin.

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When the public eye does catch onto Bitcoin once again, they’ll again show up late to the party. But when it happens, Bitcoin is likely to set another all-time high.


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