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Reviewed Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Your Android Device 20172 min read


Bitcoin wallet Which are used to store Bitcoin has been developed by different companies as a rest of wave Profits/growth in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin continues to make chaotic waves in the finance industry, with one bitcoin currently worth about $3995 as of this writing. What’s great about bitcoin is that you don’t need to shell out rent money to get in the game, because bitcoins can be bought in increments

Anyone who wants to get into the world of bitcoin must first obtain a wallet to store their funds. Smartphones are our constant companions, and there’s no shortage of bitcoin wallet apps on the Google Play Store, but the issue is finding one that fits your particular needs. So here are some of the best wallet apps available for Android, with their key features listed plainly to help you find the right one for you

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that employs a decentralized technology for storing money and making secure and safe payments without needing names of banks or people involved.


When it comes to simplicity and user-friendly Graphic User Interface in cryptocurrencies, this is one to consider. It contains no weird Bitcoin terminologies. Language has been simplified so much so that even ‘grandmas’ can use it.


Mycelium has so many features that advanced bitcoin users will love to use. It supports many hardware Bitcoin wallets and offers relatively high privacy. It also scores high marks when it comes to the safety and security of your coins.


Airbitz is one of the best bitcoin wallet for people who do frequent bitcoin transactions. The wallet has specialized plug-ins that make spending bitcoins easier. Airbitz wallet app enables purchases from Starbucks and Tartet gift cards due to its Fold Integration feature.


Coinomi scores high in reviews. It is a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sending Bitcoin from this wallet is relatively fast on execution, and it also has an integrated ShapeShift exchange which enables coin-conversion right within the wallet. It also rates high in terms of security and safety.


Copay allows you to access your wallet bitcoin across multiple devices thereby offering a ‘bitcoiner’ convenience. Copay provides some good security due to its multi-signature feature (This feature allows two or more people to own a part of the access password such that even if a password is stolen from one person, the wallet will be inaccessible. The only likely way for the wallet to be breached is if other parts of the password are nabbed from the other holders)

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