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Attention was drawn to the initial coin offering (ICO) of the crypto wallet startup Eidoo when it used a full page advert in The Wall Street Journal to troll the chief executive of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon who is an ardent critic of Bitcoin.

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A lot of media eyes was drawn to Dimon last month when he termed Bitcoin as a “fraud” and also warned and threatened that any of his employees caught trading the digital currency would be fired. In different interviews, Dimon was reported to have said that “it is not a real thing. Eventually, it will be closed” and “it is worth nothing.”

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Some days later during this week, the cryptocurrency startup reportedly hit back at Jamie Dimon with a catchy full page advert in The Wall Street Journal. Contained in the advertisement which also featured on The Wall Street Journal’s website is “maybe Jamie will fire you, But you will be free to trade in the crypto world.” Funny enough. The startup Eidoo did not spend anything less than $350,000 as this is likely to be the least price of a full page advert on the media outlet’s publications.

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However, the ad has eventually been paying off since its onset as Eidoo has recorded and is still recording a 65% increase in the download rate since Monday which was approximated to be around 30,000 download mark. Also, the advert has indirectly boosted the initial coin offering (ICO) of the startup which has raised over 81,700 ethers, rating up to $26.5 million using the current exchange rate.

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One of the Eidoo spokespersons later replied to CNN claiming that “the response has been amazing. We have received over 20,000 additional downloads”. But “Jamie Dimon has not replied yet.” However, the advert earned the startup series of coverages in different media outlets.

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