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Electroneum, the new cryptocurrency that was released on the 14th of September and will begin operation on the 1st of November, 2017 is making a new introduction into the cryptocurrency world which is believed to provide a convenient, accessible and trustworthy experience to its traders. The new coin is set to offer its traders an encouraging bonus of +50% coins.
Cryptocurrencies began operation in less than ten years ago, and the first unconsolidated one started operation in 2009, after then, many other crypto coins rose, but most of them are subject to volatility and insecurity. The purpose of the release of the new coins is to ensure investors that new digital currencies can be reliable too.
This cryptocurrency went to the outside world on September 14 with enough fantastic investing offers to their first investors. The creators of this coin are a group of British people who have been observing the events of already existing digital currencies. They therefore engaged in the deep study and a concluded result to rid themselves of every possible conversation.

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Here is why the latest cryptocurrency has been the preference of many people:

Though cryptocurrency gets criticized and badmouthed, the advantage of the cryptocurrency is in no small way. Since 2009, the digital market investment has been paying its traders off hugely, promising its prospect investors a bright digital world ahead.
Electroneum brings relief of convenience to its investors who have been facing difficulty in choosing the right digital coin to invest on. Currently, Electroneum is the only cryptocurrency that can be accessed and traded through a mobile application. With this app, coin mining and digital currency management would be very efficient. Even with the vulnerability of mobile apps, the makers of this coin still boast of a secured currency. With these in mind, users have therefore been convinced about Electroneum as the latest cryptocurrency they have been waiting for to provide the relief that is wanting in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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