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Over the years, Bitcoin has emerged as the most popular and widely traded digital currency. It has really gained the attention of digital investors from far and wide. Many have been more interested in the world of cryptocurrency solely because of the return on investment Bitcoin has provided its investors. The interest people have in the cryptocurrency world has far exceeded how much attention they pay to know exactly how the system works, hence the opportunity for computer programmers to create quite a lot of other digital currencies. Below are some of the popular cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin:

  • Ether: Popularly referred to as ETH is the second most valuable and popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its total value is approximate $28 billion. Initially, ETH was priced at a value of $8 per coin but has now upgraded to a total of $300 recently. Ether runs in the Ethereum system and a network called blockchain.
  • OmiseGo: OmiseGo also referred to as OMG. It is a blockchain technology that can be used to bring digital wallet source by allowing a peer-to-peer payment system. OMG’s total value is $1 billion. Investors of this cryptocurrency are believed to be expecting a share of the transaction fees of the company’s overall digital wallet later in the year.
  • Qtum: Qtum is indirectly or directly a combination of the best aspects of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing its investors with a platform to easily design and implement a smooth enterprise to enterprise transaction. This cryptocurrency is a more business-oriented one.
  • ai: Also referred to as XRl, is a cryptocurrency that provides an avenue that solves some popular possible problems that arise in digital currency transactions like delays in transactions, and the liquidity of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Pembicoin: PBC, as it is also referred to as is more like a crypto assets than a cryptocurrency. Pembient (the company behind PBC), is aiming to start the development of a tech system that produces rhino horn products which would eventually meet the market demand and also reducing the rate of extinction of rhinos.
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