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Ethereum coins experienced an attack in 2016 which saw the currency split into two parts: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

In the race of leading cryptocurrencies, Ethereum coins is second most popular and is right behind Bitcoin. which is currently on to a $69 billion. Based on volume, ETH is the second highest traded online cryptocurrency after Bitcoin which still ranks as the largest traded cryptocurrency.
In contrast to Bitcoin, it is not tending to cause deflation, and it presently has no overall sum. In a bid to reduce the rate of causing inflation, the developers of these coins have set up some particular difference in difficulty and at the same time trying to do without a disturbance in the system itself.

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                     Ethereum coins mining overview

As an increase in the pressure has been affected, so also have Block hours’ difficulty been increased. Currently, Blocks are generated in 30 seconds. Recently, there has been proposed replacement in the block reward which was initially 5 ETH, but now 3 ETH.
With this attempt, it is possible for mining to become impossible and unrealistic eventually. These, in turn, is what the developers have been aiming to achieve which results in an acceptable PoS agreement method.
As have been stated by Vitalik Buterin, the Russian –Canadian programmer and a co-founder of Ethereum coins that the lowest amount of ETH of 1000-4000 will be needed to gain stake benefits.

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What is Ethereum, Ethereum Mining and its Procedure

Especially when PoS has been effected, which is similar to the price of a DASH Master node. These are as a result of the cost of a Gas transaction, which may later change over time. Nevertheless, PoS gains can also be attained via a staking pool.
The increase in the difficulty and block time signifies overtime that less and less Ethereum coins are being mined. The flat rate of this coin will also possibly continue to increase as price increases till it gets to a stage where the adjustments in difficulty tend to make mining an unprofitable thing.

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