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Ethereum Price Prediction in 20182 min read


By 2018, there is a soaring chance of Ethereum skyrocketing to about $50BN by the end of the year, which translates to $500 early 2018.

If you thought the world ended with Bitcoins, welcome to Heaven, Ethereum. In its infant years, the cryptocurrency has challenged its predecessors, Bitcoin and fellow rising star, Litecoin.

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Cryptocurrencies, like viral news, have strong networking effect and so predicting a 200/250% growth is not biting more than we can chew.

The cryptocurrency has become the centre of attraction for over 86 firms and major corporations, including JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft, who have formed the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Asides its functionality as a currency, it’s also an advanced yet easy to use web platform for building next generation applications called Decentralized Apps (DAPS). With its extraordinary abilities ranging from multiple decentralized applications to smart contracts, Ethereum block chain is the future.

Ethereum – The Motivation

For the cryptocurrency, its over 1,219% market cap that has increased since the start of the year is all the motivation that is needed for the business to keep breaking new grounds; chances are it will double in the coming year.

For developers, Ethereum is creating a future they only dreamed of, a block chain of decentralized applications that will redefine the structure of various sectors.

Still within the confines of the private sector, its market value is over 30% higher than what Bitcoin amassed in its early years.

Go big or go home, the cryptocurrency is here to stay as it has proven itself in the past few months with geometric increase in the market price which is advancing above the US Dollar. It has had a great start, valuing its continued growth lies in its hands, as it still needs to resolve its major issues that could make it fall as hard as it jumped.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and so making price predictions is not an easy feat, but it is safe to say that Ethereum will definitely experience a rise in its price come 2018 and will pass Bitcoin on its way up.

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