Female Church Member Confesses How Choir Master Impregnated Her and advice her for abortion2 min read

Disaster is at present rocking a church after a married feminine congregant publicly revealed some soiled secret of how she was impregnated and compelled to have an abortion by the church’s choir grasp.

A choir grasp, Tafadzwa Kingdom Nhamu, of Finish Time Message Ministry in Zimbabwe, is at odds with a lady for denying duty of the kid he allegedly sired together with her.

In line with H-Metro, he impregnated the married lady, Mrs. Moreblessing Bore, and the latter needed the being 

pregnant aborted forcing her to strategy the church elders.

She said further; “He later denied responsibility after I confronted his church leaders about his intention to abort and they failed to handle the issue forcing me to leave the country.

“I am not the one who leaked the WhatsApps reported to be circulating at their church services, one of the elders might have leaked them since I shared the conversations with them.

“My husband has since passed away, if you may leave the story because I have since accepted rejection and decided to move on Mwari anomuchengeta mwana iyeyu.
“If you got our last year conversations let me send you the current WhatsApp conversations and read that he is still pestering to have s*x with me when he is denying to look after the baby,” she said.
Tafadzwa confirmed enjoying his birthday by having s*x with Mrs Moreblessing but said the child is not his and was prepared for DNA tests.
“This lady came and caused a scene at our church service and my elders are aware of this and I regret spoiling my day by having s*x with her,” said Tafadzwa.
“She is loose that I failed to resist her. As for the baby, I will never look after it, I even told her this in front of my sisters,” Tafadzwa insisted.


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