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Basically, ICO is a concept and a process that involves the creation of a digital currency or token which is subsequently offered for sale in an initial offering. The ICO is somehow similar in concept to the initial coin offering since they are both a means of fundraising, but in the case of ICO, it is one’s initial coin offering transaction that produces a new coin entirely, which is an asset on its own.
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In the recent times (since April-May), almost half a billion US dollars has been gathered through the ICO. The ICO is a form of digital token that can be spent within its acceptable environment or as a boost for a part of a business.
Over the years, top notch brands and new brands have been faced with the difficulty of having a limited fund for executing their desired projects and attaining their long-term goal, but with the advent of ICO which was nonetheless silent five years ago, companies have been able to raise enough and sometimes overwhelming funds for their projects. Jan Isakovic, the CEO of the new ICO platform ( is an evident beneficiary whose business raised a total of $14 million within a month through a successful ICO.
The initial coin offering system has gained its ground now and is rapidly spreading like wildfire in the world of digital investors. It has greatly advanced because its foundation is basically the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as a result, Initial coin offering platforms are making it big with just an investor’s cryptocoin.
In the nearest future, virtually all the companies would already have a share in the digital currency investment of ICO to be a beneficiary of the most recent return on investment that has recorded a huge amount of fund in the digital currency world.
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