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An open letter was sent to the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup to New York Agreement (NYA) signatories. In the letter, the supporters were urged to give their support for the controversial SegWit2x hard fork earlier scheduled for mid-November.

Currently, the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup has close to 1,700 members, ranking it up as South Korea’s largest Bitcoin community. On Thursday, an official statement was posted by the group criticizing the signatories of NYA for their continuous support for SegWit2x Bitcoin scaling proposal even after there was a significant opposition from some sectors of the community, even the Bitcoin Core builders.

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Four specific complaints were listed in the letter with SegWit2x and its proponents. First, the letter poses that the proposal goes against the “very ethos of Bitcoin” just because the larger group was not consulted before striking the deal.

Secondly, the Bitcoin Meetup claims that SegWit2x “incurs a large risk” by a possible breakup in the community “but wastes most of the opportunities afforded by a properly planned and executed hard fork.”Further criticism was made by the groupabout the supporters of the proposal for running things in a “careless manner” that has restricted the ecosystem from having enough time to plan towards the upgrade of the protocol.

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Finally, the letter claims that replay protection is being operated in an “unacceptably irresponsible manner.”

Jeff Garzik, the developer of SegWit2x, has suggested adding opt-in antireplay which would enable users to protect their coins manually on both chains, but he, together with other proponents of SegWit2x have restricted themselves from listening to calls to add opt-out antireplay. What they claim to reason for this is that SegWit2x is an updated version of the Bitcoin network and not an altcoin. They, therefore, concluded that users should follow the hard fork rather than finding a means of avoiding the dysfunction in the minority chain.

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