The Blue Hill Foundation is launching a Pre-STO with a preferential price2 min read


The Blue Hill Mine is a huge area in Mongolia which is forecasted to have one of the largest copper reserves in all of Asia, as well as substantial volumes of nickel, cobalt, and gold. What’s more, these valuable metals have been found by searching just 10% of the mining compound’s total surface area. The remaining 90% is currently being explored, with more resources including tungsten, yttrium, and ytterbium already being discovered there.

                                                                 Blue Hill Foundation Launching Pre-STO

After 8 years of geological planning, the Blue Hill Mining company is entering the next phase of their project. In the coming years, the company intends to prove their reserves up to international standards in order to place the mine on the Toronto Stock Market.

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Blue Hill would be reserved for private investors until their IPO. Blue Hill Mining recognized that they could use blockchain technology to give them a competitive advantage in the mining market and to democratize their fundraising process through a fully Swiss regulated STO (Security Token Offering).

Blue Hill Mining will also implement blockchain technology in their Blue Hill Platform to improve efficiency, transparency, and fair trade in the mining industry. The benefits of doing so include:

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  • Accurate data-logging of ownership, quantity, logistics, storage, sales, and international trade for all of the resources mined on the compound
  • Enabling multinational companies to verify that they are dealing with certified, ethically sourced raw materials and concentrates
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges that save money for mining companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks, and multinationals by cutting out the middleman
  • Enhancing liquidity of the Blue Hill Mining ownership stakes through tokenization, making them easily tradable on secondary markets.
  • Opening the door to the global investment market
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Blue Hill’s team and world-class advisors are targeting a ROI of up to 3,340% based on the potential of the mine and the STO prices. In fact, their long-term plan is to initiate a token buyback program when the BHM-Token market value hits $30 a piece so that they can offer those ownership stakes as equity on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

For more information, visit Blue Hill Foundation website.


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