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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange I recommend3 min read


If you’re a venture investor and new to the whole business of buying cryptocurrency, then choosing the right online cryptocurrency exchange is the right path you should take.

I’ve come across a lot of people who haven’t really gotten any idea about the best cryptocurrency out there to purchase, so I decided to create this quick guide as a startup. To get you started I’ve shortlisted 5 of the best cryptocurrency that I use for my personal transactions.

 1.  Coinbase

Coinbase started bitcoin operations in 2012. They got their approval when they legitimized Bitcoin businesses in the USA by obtaining major finance from banking institutions and VC firms. Majority of the firms who have invested in Coinbase are known to you and I. The Bank of Tokyo, The NYSE, Ribbit Capital,  DFJ and a host of others.

Coinbase permits Wire transfer, Debit Card and Credit Card transactions. Coinbase runs a cryptocurrency exchange called GDAX. I recommend you purchase either Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether. You might be curious to why I prefer running my transactions on the Coinbase platform, well it’s basic, the founders Fred Ehsram and Brian Armstrong are based in the United States, in an uncertain world, this gives me a lot of confidence.

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Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California and its daily trade volume is $40,000,000.


Coinbase has a solid investor base, it’s Headquarters located in the USA conveniently makes it the best platform to buy and sell Cryptocurrency in the world.

  2. Bitstamp

If you’re looking for a simplistic interface, then Bitstamp should be your preferred destination. The daily trade volume of $30,000,000 makes it the third largest globally. Bitstamp was founded in 2011 and its headquarters is in Luxembourg.


In my experience, Bitstamp has the best accurate pricing for the cryptocurrency. They’ve been around for a while now so stability is guaranteed. I recommend Bitstamp for you, they are worthy of the second spot in my rankings.

  3. Kraken.

My favorite European Cryptocurrency is the Kraken. The Kraken exchange platform’s flexibility provides you with a variety of fiat currencies to fund your account with. The Japanese Yen, Euro, Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar can be used on the Kraken.

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Kraken is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2011. Its Daily Bitcoin volume is $39,000,000. European traders based in Europe can comfortably use the Kraken, while traders in the US are much likely to get cutbacks in volume as it doesn’t measure up to the volume quantity mentioned in the previous cryptocurrency exchange.

Another advantage of Kraken is its flexibility to trade over 10 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, and Etherum.


Kraken’s ability to flexibly support various fiat currencies makes it an ideal Cryptocurrency exchange.

  4. Poloniex

Poloniex is a direct cryptocurrency exchange platform. It doesn’t allow Fiat currency trades and trading is initially done by bitcoin transfers. Among the top 5 cryptocurrencies, Poloniex is the largest cryptocurrency when it comes to daily volume.

Poloniex has over 60 cryptocurrencies  buyers and sellers can access and they all boast of the largest token variety to trade with. Poloniex Headquarters is located in Wilmington Delaware and was founded in 2014. The daily bitcoin value of Poloniex is $40,000,000.

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Pros –

  1. Poloniex has an easily accessible platform.
  2. Poloniex provides a plethora of cryptocurrency options.
  3. You can conveniently buy Altcoins on Poloniex.

Con –

Inability to directly trade into US Dollar, so an alternate replacing currently called Tether USD is required for Dollar trade-ins.

  5. Bitfinex

The greatest asset of Bitfinex is its easy accessibility. Bitfinex has the highest daily volume of Bitcoin traded. You can conveniently choose from 6 cryptocurrencies including Z-Cash,  Ethereum, and Monero.

Bitfinex was founded in 2012 and is located in Hong Kong. Its daily volume is $45,000,000.


Bitfinex is by far the smoothest and easiest platform to use. Always have this at the back of your mind,  never leave your cryptocurrency sitting on an exchange, endeavor to always transfer it to your wallet when you’re not using it. This prevents hackers and thieves from making away with your hard earned Cryptocurrency.

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