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The co-founder of the widely known enterprise, Union Square Ventures, is the most recent business executive to foresee the end of the cryptocurrency. He recently advised cryptocurrency investors about the looming end of the digital fund, says Bitcoin investors especially should now try to share their assets rather than waiting for too long before the advent of a return on their investments.
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In his blog post titled: “Big Crash Will Happen”, written this week, he emphasized that he is certain of the happening of a big crash, but he doesn’t know when exactly it is likely to happen, he believed that “it may be some time before it does.” In his post, it could be deduced that the crash he predicts is a very “massive” and an inevitable one. Though he himself believes in blockchain-based currencies and tokens are very much useful things, he even considers himself having the trust of the new phenomenon, but his experience, in the long run, has triggered this reaction from his end.
Wilson became a pessimist of the cryptocurrency when the dot-com bubble crashed in the year 2000, Wilson reportedly lost a total of 90% of his net worth, thanks to his remaining assets- 2 real estate investments which have added up to be his remaining net worth.
Historically, the cryptocurrency has been a volatile thing with a major fluctuation happening this year, hence, Bitcoin investors have need to be cautious of their transactions. Recently, the digital currency, formerly $5,000 per coin declined to a rate of $4,000 per coin. Although, the rate increased rapidly between the months of March and June, rising to the greatest rate on September 1st, ever since then, the rate of the digital currency has begun to decrease.
Despite the fact that quite a lot of Bitcoin Billionaires have a success story to tell, Wilson still believes that an inevitable end is coming to the era of cryptocurrency.
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