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The Easiest Way to Make Money-USD- on Crypto? Here it is.1 min read


I could do just one liner here with whole method and you would prolly profit from it anyways.
This post will be little different than my usual ones but loads of people ask me for trading advice so hopefully this clears it.

But lets get back some years ago. Lets say its 2010 and BTC is worth less than a cent.

Now you get some for free or even buy some at 1 cent. It goes to 7 USD when you are away, then goes to 3 USD when you are there and goes to 0.02 cents.

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So if you were home you would sell at 7 USD for mad profit, yes 0.01 cent to 7 USD per coin is MAD PROFIT. Only stupid people wouldn’t sell.

Or you could forget of BTC and wake up in 2013 at 1000USD.

So the method? Buy some coins and FORGET about them for some years.

Thats it, simple as that. Just buy and forget. The more you buy, the bigger chances in 2-03 years when you open wallet you will be rich.

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Do not read news, do not track, do not flip. Buy and forget.

But again you have questions. What to buy?!

Well i cannot be responsible for your decisions but i would take some coins from the top and some from bottom which have teams active.

So for example

Top Marketcap

BTC is obvious so ive cut it. Then ie LTC DASH NEM XMR NEO IOTA ETC

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Lower Marketcap (thats where the gold is)

This are coins with more than 1 USD per coin but marketcap of 1-10 million and some volume meaning people like them.

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