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Why Bitcoin Investment is Attracting Big Companies4 min read


You probably have been hearing bitcoin of late but you don’t seem to grasp what it is all about. You have heard people making millions and enormous transactions through a digital currency(Bitcoin Investment) but you understand how it operates. It is believed that 99% of people that owns a television have recently heard of bitcoin This is the more reason you should read this article and to what it is all about and why you should invest in bitcoin.

In a bid to perfectly stimulate your awareness on investing in bitcoin, it is necessarily I give insights into the different forms of Bitcoin investment that exist.

Buying and holding is termed as the most common form of “investing”. It’s about buying the bitcoins in anticipation that it will appreciate in worth. In doing there should always be a caution in where to buy.

Trading in Bitcoins is another form of Bitcoin Investment.It means buying Bitcoins at a low price and trying to sell them back at a higher price when best deemed fit. To be successful here, it requires vast knowledge and practice.

Bitcoin mining investment although not always encouraged and advised is another form of investment. It’s rational to buy Bitcoins with your money instead of using it to buy mining equipment.

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Having known the basic forms of investing, to come are the major reasons why then you should invest in bitcoin.

Leading form of digital currency in the world

Because bitcoin has the largest users in the world encapsulate whatever reason you should invest in it. As the most common form of cryptocurrency, it is accepted by different countries and organization as a medium of exchange in multitude of platforms. Due to this same popularity, tech giants also accepts bitcoin, for instance Microsoft has started accepting bitcoins. Increasing its popularity is the fact that no paperwork is required to carry out a bitcoin transaction. Country, age, ID card, Proof of residence are no barriers to the bitcoin business.

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Transactions made on bitcoin is transparent anyone could view any transaction taking place. Status of transaction could be checked if the miners haven’t process your bitcoin (which could take long sometimes)


Truth is, this is the top reason most people invest in bitcoins. It is not surprising to know how much people value their privacy. How much information people are will to give out concerning themselves. You should invest in bitcoin because your privacy is guaranteed as it is difficult to know the sender or receiver’s information through the bitcoin address. Unlike most mobile money platforms where they display the name of individuals involved in a transaction, this is not so in bitcoin’s case. Therefore, your secrecy is ensured as you make your way through transactions via bitcoins. Whatever address displayed on bitcoin is that which is composed of alphanumeric characters 34 in number thereby making it difficult to interpret the boundaries of what privacy mean may differ across nation but it does share common themes of security, integrity and boldness.

Quick and Cheap Transactions

Quick in the sense those transactions are generally confirmed within an hour. And cheap because charges per transactions are lesser than the conventional means.

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Bitcoin fee of 0.0005 BTC is usually charged per transfer meanwhile an international wire transfer you could charge up to 700THB-1300THB per transaction. Credit cards costs 3-5% of the transfer amount, which is way far greater to bitcoin. So you have more to yourself at cheaper rate by investing and making transactions with bitcoin.


Just in May 2017, bitcoin hit a recording breaking value it had never climbed to in preceding years. This means the ever appreciating value bitcoin is a good reason to invest in bitcoin. It’s a currency with finite number years, this protects the user loyalty and usage. Consequently, its ever appreciating value. The Bitcoin exchange value graph shows the value of Bitcoins which were initially highly volatile during the first few years of its inception, but has been stabilized and appreciating over the years.


The above factors should convince serious minded investors that they have more to gain by doing business with bitcoin. But in all, it is important to note that these reasons are dependent on how specifically you invest. You are to know much about these varying transactions occur before dabbing into them.

Happy bitcoin investment

invest wisely 

Happy Investing!


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